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Window Screen Replacement Can Save Your Money

With the arrival of summer most of people in the country start suffering from bugs that get inside the house from outdoors. If your window screens are too old or even have holes in them, bugs will undoubtedly use the chance of getting inside to enjoy your company. But the good news in all this is that you don't have to purchase whole new framed screens. You will find out that window screens replacement right in your frames is a sort of job that can be accomplished by most homeowners on their own.

So, if you have ever dealt with any kind of home improvement project you will certainly succeed in this one as well. Thus, the first step for you to take is to go to one of your local home improvement stores and purchase a kit for repairing screen windows. You are sure to get enough material for few windows, a reusable spline roller and a rubber spline.

When you come back home with the kit, your will have to take off the window screen from the window and place it down on a level and flat area. This job can be done without help but you will probably need assistance when replacing window screens for the first time. Check up the frame corners to see the old spline's end that is holding the screen in the right place. Using a screwdriver you will then have to pry up one end and then pull it free. You don't need to worry about the glue, so just pull the spline all the way evenly around the frame. When you have removed it, just throw it away. You will see that the old screen is lifted right out of the window frame.

Find your new screening material and place it over the window frame. Then with the help of cutting shears, cut the new window screen of the necessary size especially for your window. You will need to cut a screen about one inch larger than the window frame. It is highly important for the screen to be laying square to the window frame and at the same time centered. This will help you to reattach the screen to the frame way when cutting off the excess material.

The next thing you will need to do is to choose a corner for starting the job and the new spline should be run along the groove by pressing it down with the help of a roller. You will need to tilt the roller to the frame outside and go slowly pushing the new screen and spline down into the groove. Work slowly your way down to the second corner and press the spline and screen down with a screwdriver very carefully, especially in the corner. Then continue your work around the window frame.

After you have pressed the screen and spline in all the way around, you will need to cut the spline. It should be rather long to overlap the corner by about one inch. Using a screwdriver press the spline into the groove quite firmly. You may trim off any excess screen all the way around the window frame using a utility knife. Ensure that you are holding the knife in such a way that its edge is facing away from the new window screen for it not to slip accidentally and cut the new screen.

In fact, that's all you need to know to accomplish your window screen replacement project successfully. Re-install and admire your job. And forget about those irritating outside bugs that won't be able to get through your new screen.

In case if for some reason you are not sure you can do the project on your own, take your frame screen to the local home improvement store and they'll help you to install it. This won't cost much but still it will be good for you to learn to do it yourself in future.