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Arkansas State University Information

Arkansas state university or as it is also called ASU is situated on Crowley's ridge at Jonesboro, in Arkansas, the United States of America. Arkansas state university was founded in 1909 and till 1925 it was considered to be the first mechanical and agricultural college. In the year of 1967, it acquired the status of a university after what the degree programs started to take a place, for instance, post graduate's and doctors' degrees. In fact Arkansas state university possesses several campuses which are situated in different places. Beebe, Craighead County, Mountain home, and Newport are several places where a great variety of programs are provided.

A number of different academic occupations are suggested to more than 10000 students who are involved in them. Research and academic affairs take a responsibility for various degree programs. As a matter of fact, graduate and undergraduate faculties are mostly offered studying possibilities the major emphasis in which is put on job competencies. Generally, a great variety of different degree programs includes associate degrees, bachelor's degrees, specialist's degrees, master's degrees, and doctoral degrees. After graduation the students are awarded with associate degrees, digital electronics, automotive service, physiotherapy, nursing and others. Besides, there are a lot of faculties under bachelor's and master's degree programs beginning from accounting, teaching and mathematics, ending with political science.

As for doctoral degree programs they include molecular biosciences, educational leadership, environmental science, heritage studies, and some others, source: tempurpedic mattress topper. Arkansas state university possesses 10 academic colleges and 17 academic units. Academic colleges are as follows: engineering, agriculture, business, education, sciences, communications, fine arts, as well as mathematics, humanities, nursing and health care, social sciences and University College. Various academic units generally include graduate school, honors' college, Delta Heritage Initiatives, as well as Hemingway- Pfeiffer museum.

One of the advantages of Arkansas state university is their Dean B. Ellis library. It is called Dean B. Ellis library. It gives an opportunity to students to look through and evaluate the online catalog as well as ask for assistance with their research work. In addition, students are able to have access to any sort of information through the Internet.

Arkansas State University was initially founded to fight the tobacco-related illnesses and methods used for their proper treatment. Later and till nowadays, Arkansas bioscience institute aims at improving health of Arkansans by means of agricultural and medical investigation. Another great goal of Arkansas State University is directed economic increase and development in all fields of industry, technology and education. This great program of general development involves a great number of establishments including agricultural division, scientists from Arkansas children's hospital, Arkansas state university, university of Arkansas for medical sciences, Arkansas university-Fayetteville, etc.

As you can see, Arkansas State University belongs to one of the primary public universities in the state. It has true accreditation given by The Higher Learning Commission of North Central Association. The whole number of students registered in Arkansas State University at the end of the year 2006 was more than 17000. Arkansas State University suggests instructional sites also at Little Rock Air Force Base and in Green County at Paragould.