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6 Easy Steps In Metal Roofing Appliance

Do you plan to change your old roofing for a new metal one? It may be rather cheap on condition that you apply the material yourself. All in all any person can get to know how to do this process. The most essential factors here are learning the basics of tool-handling and your attention to the smallest features.

To begin the process of education in this sphere, first you need to read the following not difficult steps:

1. Remove the out-of-dated material.

The first job in the process of changing the roof is getting rid of all the old material and nails as well. A pitchfork or shovel may help you in this, more doorbot. After tidying the roof, be sure to sweep it with a help of the broom and get it ready for the next stage.

2. Roll out the tar paper.

All the surface of the roof must be covered with tar paper of the size 30-lbs. Don't forget to overlap the sheets by a couple of inches and leave 3 inches hanging over the edge.

3. Draw directions on the tar paper.

Create lines acroos the roof from its crown to the gutter on the distance of two feet between one another. This can be done with a help of a piece of chalk. The lines you drew will serve you as marks for the steel sheets to be applied.

4. Apply the sheets made of metal.

Do you feel sure and aware how to apply roofing? Be prepared to do the greatest and the most wonderful part of the whole process - applying of steel sheets. The first stage here is to cut a length of metal roofing which must be the same as the length from the the crown to the edge of the roof, leaving some extra inches. Be willing to get to know how to apply metal sheets, be willing to learn how to measure accurately.

Put the first sheet of steel on the leftmost side and unite it with the roof frame with screws on the distance of every two feet. You are to do the same thing to all the other sheets until you roof is totally covered. The overlaps between the sheets must be 2-3 inches.

5. Fill the gaps.

In the places where the metal sheets come onto one another, take advanatge of a rubber strip. The protection from insects and other tiny creatures as well as their burrowing into the roof is guaranteed.

6. Fix the metal edging and cap.

The last stage in the process of metal roofing attachment is appliance of edging made of metal on the whole lenth of the roof and installing the metal cap on the crown of the roof.

If these six stages are understandable for you and seem to be something you can do, then you need to know that you already have learnt how to apply metal roofing. The thing you still need to do is just to realize this theoretical part of the task.

Anyway, be sure to keep in mind one more thing. Even knowing theoretically how to install steel roofing sheets, unpredicted situations still may be. so you will have to consult a specialist to do this job right.